Third trimester must-haves

This might be my least glamorous post ever, but here goes.

In the last month of pregnancy I feel like I am living in someone else’s body, so I’m doing whatever I can to be comfortable. My midwife suggested I lay on my side a couple times a day and try to give my body a break from just carrying all this extra weight around. So I’ve been using that time to read “Telegraph Avenue”, which might be the most appropriate book for a pregnant person living in Berkeley to read.

Not only does it take place here, and with tons of recognizable details, two of the main characters are midwives and one of them is 36 weeks pregnant at the beginning. There’s this one part that takes place at an Ethiopian restaurant, and I thought it was so crazy because Mike and I always used to eat lunch at this Ethiopian place after our first ob/gyn appointments. Guess where it was — Telegraph Avenue!

Anyway, other things that have been really helpful:

• Comfy lace-up shoes. Although I’ve always been a fan of slip-on shoes, I need something tighter now that I have fat feet. These Asics are great.

SodaStream soda maker. I drink way more water than I used to, so sometimes it’s nice to have bubbly water instead. I have a few flavor packets, but it’s just as easy to squeeze in lemon, lime, or orange juice for extra flavor.

• Raspberry leaf tea. Supposedly it’s good for your lady parts, so I’ve been calling it uterus tea. It actually tastes pretty good.

• Breathing strips. My nasal passages have been swollen for the past few months, so I snore something awful at night. If I put one of these on my nose before bed, Mike can actually sleep.

• Tums Smoothies. Now that the baby is pushing my digestive system way up, I have quite a bit of heartburn. I like taking Tums for it since they have extra calcium. The smoothies flavors taste like candy.

Biscuit cinnamon rolls. If you want something a little more special for breakfast than cereal, these rolls are great. They take way less time than traditional yeast cinnamon rolls, and they’re not quite as sticky-sweet. Still delicious, but a little less high-maintenance.

I would also give high praise to walking and yoga throughout a pregnancy. And the Google group of local moms I joined has been amazing as far as learning about pregnancy, birth and parenting. I would say I get eye-opening emails on pretty much a daily basis. I joined a smaller group for people with babies born this month, so I have a built-in meetup group once the baby is born.


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    Gah! I made cinnamon rolls (from a can) on Sunday morning. We have NEVER had them before in our house. A pregnant lady thing? And I have Telegraph Avenue waiting for me to start, so now I have to read it so we can talk about it. Hugs and virtual rubs of your swollen feet!