When you become a mom

You will check multiple times a day to make sure your baby is still breathing.

You will cry when they cry. A lot.

You will say that you will sleep when they sleep, but then you probably won’t.

You will be amazed that such a loud sound could come from such a tiny person.

You will finally understand what people mean when they say you can’t comprehend the love you have for your child until you become a parent. And you’ll probably start staying it to other people.

You will never get so excited for someone else’s poop.

You will look down and realize that you’ve been wearing the same milk-stained yoga pants for two days, but that your baby has worn at least four adorable outfits in that amount of time.

You will appreciate your mom in a way you never have before.

You will find out what’s on TV at 3 a.m., then load up the Netflix.

You will learn how to do things one-handed.

You will find that having read all the books doesn’t really matter. But talking to all the moms does.

You will be slayed by the sight of your husband cradling a tiny newborn. It kind of makes up for everything else.

You will absolutely believe that your child is the most perfect child on Earth.

You will find staring at a baby to be your best source of entertainment.

You will be faced with challenges you didn’t expect. And you will find deep inside of you a way to meet them. Because you’re a mom now. And that’s what moms do.