7 weeks and chubby cheeks

One of these days I’ll have something to write about other than my baby, but she’s kind of my whole world right now. So you’ll just get more cute pictures!

My little cheerleader.

Actually today was the first day I thought I might be ready to open my shop again. I don’t have a lot of hands-free time to work, but I do have some. And I am starting to feel that itch to work again. In my moms group, most of the women are getting ready to go back to a job. And though it’s stressful, it’s also a break that I think some of them will relish.

Plus, I have bills, yo.

I think Harper is definitely in some kind of growth spurt because she goes back and forth between sleepy days and hungry/fussy days. And she is definitely growing! I love her little chubby fingers and toes, and of course those cheeks.

One of Mike’s co-workers loaned us this baby chair that vibrates. It is the best! Sometimes I just need a place to set the baby down for a few minutes and she seems to like it there better than anywhere else.

We also found that she doesn’t really like to be swaddled anymore, but a sleep sack is the perfect bedding for her at night. And we pretty much can’t live without a pacifier these days (although she would never take the Soothies we had originally).

We started cloth diapers this week. They make her pants look comically tight. 

I’m mulling a post about post-baby bodies. To be honest I haven’t had time to think about it much, but I do think it’s important to be at peace with the changes your body goes through. Between breastfeeding constantly and lifting/bouncing/toting a baby around all the time it shouldn’t be too hard to lose the extra weight…