Fettucine with chicken and leeks

I just wanted to share this great recipe I tried the other day that is so perfect for someone who doesn’t have much time to cook anymore. It calls for rotisserie chicken, so one night we roasted a chicken and then used the leftovers to make this another night. A grocery store chicken would work just as well.

The next day I used the bones to make stock.

I don’t cook a lot with leeks, but they are such a spring-ish ingredient I thought they sounded good this week. I loved them in this recipe. The full recipe is on Real Simple. The only thing I changed was to use lemon juice instead of zest. Next time I think I might add a second leek.

Basically you just boil some fettucine and while that’s cooking make a cream sauce with sauteed leeks. It could not be easier.

Mix in the noodles and voila, dinner.