Garden, check

We have been having the most beautiful weather here (spring is more like our summer), so it was really starting to bother me that our garden was completely grown over and messy with a bunch of pots full of dead plants.

My mom came to visit, so we recruited her to help us dig weeds, shop for plants and revive our little garden.

I finally discovered a little bird living in here.

We ended up pulling out a ton of dead plants and replacing them with a layer of rocks. We found a local store that has a pebble/mulch bar where you can pick out your ground cover of choice. The rest of the place is full of boulders that you can buy buy the pound or by the ton. We picked out some individual rocks, including a cool turquoise one, a lava rock and one that was full of quartz.

Some of these little plants should become a lot bigger eventually.

We got a new tomato plant and some new strawberries for our pot.

At the garden store we found one pimiento de padron pepper plant, which we felt we had to have. Those are the peppers we enjoyed so much on our honeymoon in Spain. Just to be cheeky we planted it in an old compost pail (the lid broke a while back).

I got some more herbs for our planter box. Hopefully you’ll be seeing those later in some recipes.

The front of our “lawn” has these tufts of blue grass that were getting all weedy in between. I planted some hardy flowers in those spaces and they are already blooming.

For my other planters I got some pinks, mimulus and mums that look like little daisies.

We have this little side garden that was just covered in mulch, but I decided that I’d go ahead and plant some flowers there and see what happens. Based on the amount of weeds that used to grow there, I think there’s enough sun.

Of course I had to revive my little succulent soda box.

And I was pleased to see more of these pretty succulents emerge once the garden had been weeded. I just love their bright red flowers.

Overall, I’d say we made a huge improvement! And since the baby likes to be walked around outside in the evenings, we can enjoy our front yard a whole lot more. In fact we are thinking we need some seating out there now.