Road trip: Palm Springs

As I said before, we decided to tack on a side trip after the wedding. Brigid and Aaron generously invited us to stay at a friend’s vacation home in Palm Springs. At first I was a little hesitant to add more driving to our trip, but I’m so glad we did.

The drive from LA was not bad — a little over an hour — and the house was pretty darn nice with a pool and a hot tub.

Living in the bay area has made me a total wimp for heat. I don’t think I’ve felt 100+ degrees for a long time. Thank goodness for A/C.

Palm Springs is definitely an odd place, but we found ourselves kind of charmed by it. You have to love a place that is a combination of retirement homes, gay resorts, and midcentury modern furniture stores.

Every once in a while it’s also nice to be in a place with empty parking lots and very little traffic.

One place we definitely want to revisit is King’s Highway, the restaurant where we had breakfast one morning.

It’s part of the Ace Hotel, which is perhaps the coolest and most hipster place I’ve ever seen (coming from the bay area, that’s sayin’ something).

When you walk in, there is a huge oversized macramé display in the front window.

This guy was just above our booth.

The food is fantastic. Certainly an upgrade from what was once a Denny’s.

Brigid had blueberry pancakes and Mike had chilequiles.

I had eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, and sourdough toast with homemade jam.

Next to the bathrooms there is a vending machine that sells really nice socks, among other things. You can rent a scooter while you’re there or play vinyl in your room. It is amazing.

After our breakfast we decided to check out another of Palm Springs’ main attractions, the aerial tramway that takes you up the side of a mountain.

It was a little terrifying for me, but I suppose it is the most direct way up the mountain. And the views up there are pretty amazing. You can see just how ridiculous it looks to build a city in the middle of a desert.

The babies did great. They are traveling pros.

I made Harper wear adorable shoes.

Once we got to the top, we decided to do a little hiking. We had our giant strollers with us, so it was not going to be any kind of extensive hike. But it was pretty back in the woods.

As with her first hike, Harper was zonked the whole time.

After that, we got in some more pool time. It felt so good after the heat of the day.

Harper loves the water, so she didn’t have any complaints. She mostly just kicked her little feet.

I have been wanting some good photos of us and I finally got a bunch of them. At least one of us is really photogenic.

The hot tub felt absolutely blissful at night. After months of stress, it was much needed.

The ride home was long, but went surprisingly well. Again, we stopped a bunch and tried to give Harper plenty of fresh air. Now we have to start getting ready for her first plane ride in July.