4 months

It seems like time is speeding up now. “They grow up so fast” is finally starting to ring true.

Harper is almost double her birth weight now — all soft, chubby rolls.

It’s hard to get a photo of her these days because she is constantly in motion.

The best $20 we’ve spent in a long time went to a Jenny Jump-Up, which she loves to bounce in.

I just had a feeling she needed something to do with those flailing feet. I have to strap her into her little chair now or she can wriggle out.

She doesn’t roll over yet, but every morning I find her in some diagonal position in the crib. She finds ways to be mobile, even in a sleep sack.

She still has her auburn hair, but much of it has fallen out in the back. Poor baldy! (I am also experiencing post-partum hair loss. I feel like I lose the equivalent of a small mammal with every shower).

It has gotten even worse since I took this photo.

I don’t see any teeth poking through yet, but she seems to be teething. She puts everything in her mouth and drools constantly. She figured out how to suck her thumb, which is cool.

She’s also found her voice. She kind of talks to herself, and then if she wants more attention the “talking” turns into yelling, as if to say, “this is your warning, I’m going to cry soon.” It’s a nice change of pace from newborn screeching, but it has made eating out somewhat difficult. You can’t really tell a 4-month-old “That’s not polite!”

I felt like we got to a really good place just before she turned four months where she was getting better at taking naps, but still sleeping through the night with one feeding in the early morning. And then bam, major sleep regression. It’s like she’s a newborn all over again. One night she was up every hour from 10 until 3. So we are tired, but just trying to remember that everything with babies is temporary.

I may have to revise my stance on pink clothing. Everywhere I go, people think she is a boy, even in gender-neutral clothing. Maybe it is her perpetual faux-hawk. 🙂

Thankfully it seems like she doesn’t experience the witching hour much at all anymore. But if she does get cranky I always know what to do: take her outside. She loves to be outside, even if there’s a little chill. I lay out a blanket and we just hang out. She usually falls asleep eventually.

As much as I also like to be outside it’s sometimes hard to drop everything and just lay around with a baby when you know you have a million things to do. But so much of parenting is about being present. Someday the last thing in the world she will want to do is hang out with her mom, so I have to soak it up while I can.

Plus, it won’t be long before I’ll be chasing her around the yard.


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    Looks like you are doing great! It’s good for me to read another mom’s perspective on 4 months. We’re at 7 months and starting to hit our stride, but your feelings still ring true! I love what you say about being present. It’s so true and so hard sometimes! I’m not very good at sitting around doing nothing. I have to remind myself playing with emerson isn’t nothing!