Joe and Sierra’s wedding

We decided before Harper was even born that her first big road trip would be to southern California for our friend Joe’s wedding. At the time, we had no idea how she would travel at 4 months old. And I stressed a lot about how bad that car ride could be. But it was actually not bad at all. The only time she really melted down was when we hit LA traffic. And at that point I wanted to cry too.

We took extra long stops so Harper could get out of the car seat for a while. We’re not used to traveling that way, but I have to say that I appreciated being able to relax more. We also realized that not being able to sleep in helps you make it out the door on time.

We stayed in a nice hotel (complete with Starbucks) in Hacienda Heights, which has a lot of great Asian restaurants nearby.

One lunch we got takeout Szechuan noodles and another time we tried pastries at the 85 Degree bakery, which came highly recommended.

Random note – I didn’t remember the faux palm tree towers last time we were in LA. This is a thing?

The wedding on Saturday turned out to be absolutely gorgeous. It was held at the bride Sierra’s grandfather’s house, Casa Gonzalez, which felt sort of like a secret garden type place. Everywhere you looked there were details that made it feel special — a goldfish pond, a giant birdcage, a clawfoot bathtub, even an old harp that became a flower display.

The vows were beautiful and poetic. These two make a great couple!

Joe’s mom tried to steal Harper a few times.

It was so nice to catch up with some college friends.

More on this later, but we decided to take a side trip with our friends Brigid and Aaron and their baby Aldo. You may remember them from the trip we took while Brigid and I were both pregnant.

Aldo’s favorite toy was a giant spoon, which I found hilarious. 

It was fun to put all of our kids together (Aldo, Harper, and almost 2-year-old Maya).

Maya danced circles around all of us at the reception. That girl’s got some energy.

The food was fab, too. Yummy appetizers followed by taco-truck-style tacos.

Weddings always give me a chance to reflect on my own relationship and feel grateful for the love I have in my life. I’m so pleased we got to go to this one!


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    Joe H says

    Great photos! We’re so happy you all could be there! Hope to see you again soon…