Loving: July edition

The grandmas have been sending lots of baby clothes, so Harper has a new look pretty much every day. I love these legwarmers my mom sent. They inspired me to try making mine a little longer, and now I’ve come up with a new design to sell.

I also adore the Organic Farm Buddies teething toys. When your baby puts absolutely everything in her mouth you like to think her toys are not full of harsh chemicals.

I’ve been working on making my own super thick wool yarn for years and I think I’ve finally perfected it! I have so many big ideas to go along with this. Right now all I’ve got is a swatch but I love it.

Snacking on: Hope Hummus. I bought it at the Berkeley Bowl because it was on sale and it turned out to be delicious. I turned over the package to see where it was made. Boulder, of course.

In the department of useful things, I found one of these Medela breastmilk labeling lids in a box of pump parts. It is so handy for remembering what day you pumped the milk that’s in the fridge.

I’ve been playing around with the macro lens on our new camera. This drink will be coming soon to the Goodsmiths blog. (Bonus points to Erin Shaw if you recognize it!)

Random picture of my baby looking like the Berkeley child she is. (Also, post-nap spacey.)

And since I had to make the switch over to Feedly I’ve been catching up on a backlog of blog posts I haven’t had time to read. Found some links to share:

• The cutest idea for a DIY teepee

• Whitney Deal is selling her little line of baby clothes. Wishlisted!

Art summer camps look like so much fun.

• Did you know you can rent vintage Airstreams for your summer vacation? I was not aware this was a thing, but apparently there are lots of places to do this in Southern California. This place sells them too.

• Or how about a trailer bed for your dog?

• What to do when you’re jealous of other biz ladies. Sage advice.

Now that Harper is almost 5 months old I’m starting to clear the cobwebs a little and trying to get my business back in shape and my life generally in some kind of order. I feel like I have an appointment every week just trying to catch up on everything I’ve been putting on hold. But I have a lot of ideas I want to pursue this year (better photography, a Mary Marie Knits web site, new products, more travel…) so it’s time to get focused!