Getting rid of cable

We finally decided to bite the bullet and get rid of our cable TV. We had DirecTV, then AT&T with DVR, but after years of talking about it we agreed it was time to make a change. Even with adding a couple new services we are still saving around $80 a month. (yeesh!)

Our main TV is hooked up to a Mac Mini, so we can watch shows via Internet streaming. We bought a Roku, which I really like, to connect to the other services. We also have an antenna that gets pretty good reception on the main networks and 3 local PBS stations. We have subscriptions to Netflix and HuluPlus. We might get another Roku for our bedroom TV, but lately we are so tired when we go to bed that we don’t even use that one.

There are a few shows I might miss, but I think generally I was mostly just watching crap to fill the time. I think Netflix’s instant offerings are still pretty pathetic, so we’ll keep getting the DVDs for a while. The only thing we’ll really miss is sports. Mike watched a lot of soccer and me a lot of college basketball. But those offerings are getting better online all the time. Or we can always go to a sports bar to watch big games.

There’s some good advice on how to make this leap at So far I haven’t missed our old TV at all. I’ve barely even thought about it, so I think we made the right choice.