Bits and bobs from July

I know people always say this, but how the heck did it get to be August already? I have a bunch of photos to post from our trip, but I wanted to post the rest from the month of July before I do that.

Mike and I had our first date afternoon without the baby, which was really nice. His coworker watched Harper while we had lunch, ice cream, and went to a museum. We ate at Burma Superstar in Temescal, which was a lot less crowded in the afternoon than it normally is. We shared a rainbow salad, which is a mix of too many things to mention, but pretty tasty. They toss it all together at the table for you.

Then we walked down the street and got ice cream from Tara’s. I got the carrot cake, super yum.

I’m getting more and more used to the idea of leaving Harper with someone else, so I think there are more dates in our future. Hooray!

This is random, but I just noticed that on the back of our coffee bean bag there are these little notes about women’s roles in the company. Good to know.

I’ve been playing around with some new apps. I really like Over for adding words to your photos.

And speaking of berries, have you ever seen sunshine raspberries? I saw one package at the store and had to get them. They’re really good.

And finally, I had to share this picture of all the babies at my recent moms gathering. This is probably the last time they’ll sit still long enough for us to put them in a neat circle.