Loving: Ikea kids stuff

The other day we went to Ikea to get Harper a high chair. I couldn’t help but notice how adorable all the toys in the kids section were. And so cheap! (Isn’t that what you always say until you get to the checkout line?)

I know her grandpa already has his eye on the play kitchen, but I have a feeling we’ll be filling a cart with some of these other toys when she gets a little older.

1. Children’s tent, $19.99
I bet that pays for itself over and over.
2. Market stand, $14.99
Lemonade stand/puppet theatre? Yes!
3. Easel, $14.99
This plus a $5 paper roll seems like it could be hours and hours of fun.
4. Small Poang chair, $29.99
Every time I see this in the store I want it. We have the big one, too.
5. Doll furniture, $12.99
Everything in miniature. So cute.
6. Swivel chair, $89.99
A little pricey, but I’m sure it beats designer versions.
7. Mini kitchen, $99.99
Any child of ours must know how to cook, so she might as well start practicing!
8. Doll bed with linens, $19.99
I have to admit, I kind of want this for myself.
9. Table and 2 chairs, $19.99
I can’t imagine kids treat their furniture well, so that’s about what you want to pay for a tiny set.