Blue Bottle waffles, take 2

A while back I attempted to make waffles similar to the handheld ones Blue Bottle Coffee sells alongside their tiny, expensive, and totally awesome coffees. 😉  

They were tasty, but not quite right. I learned I had bought the wrong kind of pearl sugar to go inside the waffles. So I ordered some Belgian pearl sugar chunks, and they were just right.

I gave myself enough time to let the batter rise overnight and used this recipe for liege waffles.

In the morning the batter had puffed up and was nice and airy.

I dropped in the chunks of pearl sugar and let them soak in the batter for 15 minutes.

The batter was so sticky that it just sort of plopped onto the waffle maker and was really easy to work with. I didn’t try to spread it out, so some of the waffles had those signature rough edges. Definitely closer to the originals!

The waffles got better as I made more, and some of the sugar chunks melted onto the waffle maker.

My only complaint is that the waffles tasted kind of eggy. Which is not surprising since the recipe calls for 5 eggs! There was also a recipe on the sugar box that only called for 2 eggs, so I might try that next time (or a combination of the two).

I suppose it would help to have an actual Belgian waffle maker, but we are so out of space in our kitchen!