Roasted brussels sprouts

Recently I discovered that I love roasted brussels sprouts. The first few times I tasted a brussels sprout I really didn’t like them. Like, so bad I spit it out. And that’s kind of strange because I really like cabbage. But I guess those experiences made me rule out liking brussels sprouts. 

But in the last few years they’ve really made a comeback. I see them all over cooking store catalogs and foodie blogs. So I decided to try making them myself. I used this recipe from Real Simple, and lo and behold, I loved it! 

Roasting the brussels sprouts really deepens the flavor, and you get little crackly caramelized leaves here and there. Plus, there’s a kick of spice from the jalapeno, and the dip in honey at the end gives the sprouts sweetness and a little extra moisture. 

I’ve made these a few times now, and I found that if I strayed from the recipe (used more sprouts, subbed sweet peppers for jalapenos) they weren’t as good. The only thing I left out for good was the ginger because it’s not my favorite thing. But I’ll definitely be keeping this recipe in my book and using it when brussels sprouts are in season. It was so fun to buy one of those stalks full of cute little sprouts! (FYI, one of those provides enough for 2 batches).