11 months

I feel like this month someone took my baby and streeetched her out. Though she still has plenty of baby chub, she is starting to grow more up than out.

She is all energy and curiosity lately. December was so busy with craft sales and travel that I really needed her to be on her best behavior. And by some miracle, she was.

Of course most of the time she was crab-crawling or cruising around the house getting into trouble. But at least she was in a good mood!

Early in the month her Denver grandparents came to visit and took on the back-breaking job of walking her all over the place.

We had early Christmas with them, which featured these adorable Babiators.

She’s always looking around for someone to engage with. She’s big on clapping and waving when she feels like it.

She learned to shake her head no. But I think it only means no about half the time.

Our house looks like it has been hit by a toy tornado. But most of the time she can be found playing with anything but toys. It’s messy, but I like that she’s trying to learn more about the world around her.

The hair refuses to be tamed.

She still eats pretty much anything we give her, but I don’t think it will be long before she starts getting picky. We’ve also discovered the magic of Cheerios as both a toy and food.

For Christmas we traveled to Minnesota and Wisconsin, where she got to experience a number of firsts:

First bone-chilling cold. It was -13 the morning we left.

First time seeing snow.

And eating it.

She got to hang out with her buddy, Aldo, in Minneapolis.

First sledding with daddy.

We even had a sleigh ride, which was pretty cool.

First pom-pom hat.

First Packer jersey.

And of course, first Christmas.

She and her cousin Grace were pretty darn cute in their matching Christmas pjs.

I know her Wisconsin grandparents really enjoyed the time with her. And Mike and I enjoyed our first overnight trip to Duluth, just the two of us.

We were pretty grateful for a baby who traveled so well.

The plane ride home was full of babies, including maybe 18-month-old twins who screamed most of the flight. Instead of being annoyed, I just felt terrible for the mom. Harper can be a handful, but lately a pretty happy one.

I almost forgot to say that she took a few steps on her own during our trip. She’s not walking yet, but as soon as she decides she’s ready, she’ll just do it. Then we’ll really be in trouble.