Goals for 2014

Maybe if I put them here I’ll be more likely to remember them!

It would be pretty hard to top 2013. Unless my only goal was to get more sleep, which would be hard not to do.

I’d like to…

• Think a little more about self care and maybe an occasional ladies night.

• Wean Harper when we’re both ready.

• Get back to a lot of the healthy habits that worked for me before. Firing up the Nutribullet I got for Christmas, for starters. Taking more walks, etc.

• Reorganize my wardrobe (currently a huge mess) so that I have a cute daily uniform that does not include yoga pants. 

• Work on overcoming my fear of flying, which always makes travel so uncomfortable. Our last trip was better. I want to believe this is possible.

• Pursue buying a house. We’ve already gotten started on this one.

• Pay off as much debt as we can. We got a bit derailed in 2013 when we added a third person to our house.

• Find a daycare provider so I can work part-time some days. 

• Plan some more nights out and trips with Mike.

• Have my products available in more local venues. Already making some progress on this one.

• Continue working to simplify my product line to make it more cost-effective with the limited time I have.

• Design new products using super thick wool and my own wool cord. Most excited for this!

And finally, I am going to rework my blog a little. I have to pick a new design because my WordPress theme is no longer supported. With that I think I will pare down posting a little since I have very limited free time anyway. I still want to post recipes, thoughts on motherhood, and information about my business. But instead of double posting all my travel photos here and on Facebook, I think I will just post them there for friends and family. For DIY projects I will continue posting on the Goodsmiths blog. And I’m thinking about pursuing some other freelance work if it fits in the picture. 

I’m sure it’s the same for everyone, but the year you have your first baby sort of knocks you off your foundation and you have to wobble your way back to a steady self. Life with a toddler and a baby business is hard, but it’s good, and it’s a little easier everyday. Here’s to a happy and healthy 2014 to all of you!