New house tour

It sounds weird, but one of my favorite parts about the new house is that it needs work. We’ve already started tackling some projects and it is awesome to watch the place transform. 

First up, we had to address the electrical issues. Most of the outlets were for old 2-prong plugs, plus the fuse system was out of date and frankly dangerous given how many computer and appliances we’ll be plugging in.

So we got a credit to fix the big issues. Then we paid extra to have the workshop wired and lights installed.  

The old lighting came from an extension cord run through this door. Super safe!

I’ll have more photos of the inside later. We plan to install drywall later this summer, and that will really transform the space.

The second thing we had to do was get a new door for the workshop. The old one was so rotted that the bottom literally fell off. 

We wanted to change most of the locks in the house, so we got a locksmith to help us with that. The front door lock/plate was that ugly brassy color, so we were not too sad to get rid of it. 

The front door is actually pretty nice, but I have this idea that it would be cool to paint it orange. The only problem is that we really like having a screen door for air circulation. So I’m torn on whether or not to replace or remove the screen door. Or maybe just paint the screen door instead. 

The next big project was the flooring. We knew it would be best to address the ugly carpet before we moved in, so we started right away. Friends helped us rip out the old carpet and remove all the staples and tack strips. Then we hired a flooring company to sand and refinish the oak floors underneath. 

This is what it looked like underneath the carpet. I can’t imagine covering up that beautiful floor!

One issue that we will have to address later is the floor heater.

It’s big and not great for a toddler, but we don’t have the budget for a central heating system right now. Thankfully it never gets very cold!

The living room and dining room don’t need much else, other than new window treatments and a new light fixture above the dining room table. This one is new, but not our taste.

Between the awnings and the huge grandma curtains, these two rooms are really dark. Hopefully the changes we make will bring in lots more light. 

Both the hall linen closet and the kitchen pantry need shelves repositioned and painted.

Mike is great at building little shelves, so that should be no problem. What worries me is that we are used to having a second big hall closet that we won’t have anymore. 

The main bathroom is functional, but pretty darn ugly. Shower doors make me crazy, so those have to go. I hate, hate, hate mini blinds, so those have to go too. 

The shower head and faucet can be easily replaced with something more modern. 

Same with the sink cabinet and faucet (I’m thinking IKEA). We will probably pull up the vinyl flooring and replace it with hex tiles. 

The kitchen is really not so bad. Believe me, I saw much worse when we were house-hunting. I’d like to paint the cabinets white to make it lighter and more spacious looking. The drawers are lined with cute paper, but I’m thinking this chevron lining will look great. 

It has to be better than the pieces of stained linoleum I found nailed to the bottom of some cabinets!

We already got a new microwave to replace the ancient one. We’re also thinking of adding some shelving underneath the bar area. We need it for storage much more than we need it for seating.

Harper’s room doesn’t need a thing other than curtains and possibly a paint color. I’m thinking about light green. We could paint our room or leave it as-is.

Mom’s room has these ugly vertical blinds. We all agree that we hate them, too.

Her room wins for the wackiest item, though. What do you think might be underneath this crazy carpeted bench? 

It’s a safe!

We found out that the previous owners had a gas station, so they would put the money here at night. Fortunately it turned out to be moveable. 

Mom’s half bath needs some work. The sub floor needs to be replaced, so we’d like to tile the floor while we address that.

I hate the wallpaper, and the sink cabinet will probably go too. 

The garage has some pretty nice built-in shelving, but everything could use a coat of paint. Strangely, it looks like there are floor tiles on the walls, but I think they are actually kind of cool. 

So is this mirror. I think I might spray paint it and use it in my booth at craft fairs. 

How about these relics?

Also strange, the door to the house looks like stainless steel. 

Outside: One of my favorite parts about the house is the deck.

I can imagine us having morning coffee out there or playing with Harper. We really haven’t been able to use our current back yard much, but this one should be a lot better. Plus, the deck is nice and low so Harper can’t go tumbling down a bunch of steps. We’ll probably toss the old chairs and get some new patio furniture and a grill. 

The little side yard needs some adjustments to the gutters and some new grass. 

Out front we have new house numbers and a new doorbell, which I will show you later. Of course there are lots of other little things like drawer pulls and light switches. A million things to toss in the cart at Home Depot.

It feels so good to be making progress everyday. I just wish the moving part would happen magically!