Harper’s first real hike

So on Easter we decided to go for a family hike on the trail that’s just a few blocks from our house. The trail is steep, but short, so it’s kind of instant gratification.

We were lucky enough to find a hiking backpack for Harper at a kids consignment store.

We were looking at having to spend $250 or so at REI for a good one, so getting this Deuter Kanga Kid for only $50 was nice. It is a less expensive model, but we liked how all the components fold into the backpack. Harper liked it too. So much that she completely conked out for most of the hike.

Sort of like her first hiking experience, at 2 months old.

What can I say? This girl is never more relaxed than when she’s outside.

I love all the eucalyptus trees along this trail. They make it smell so good, and the giant sheets of bark hanging down make for a cool atmosphere.

One problem, though. There were slippery acorn things everywhere!

Here are some more photos from the trail.

There’s quite a payoff in views at the top.

We had a great time, so I think we’ll do more family hikes when we can.

On the way home I was practicing some close-ups with the camera. I think I’m starting to figure it out!