What happened

The last time I blogged I sure wasn’t thinking it would be another month before I blogged again. Oops. 

At some point after writing that post I turned on my computer and got nothing but a blank screen. I took it to the Apple store where they told me what I expected to hear: Even though the computer looks like it could be brand new, it’s 7 years old and can’t really handle the operating system anymore. I’m gonna have to buy a new computer. That is the last thing I had time to deal with then, so my computer sat unused while I ordered an external hard drive to store all my data. At least I didn’t lose my files.

At the end of July I flew to Kansas to help my mom sell most of the stuff in her house and prep it for renters so she could move in with us. It was a tough trip, emotionally and physically. We had this Herculean task to complete in just a few days, and although we received a ton of support from family and friends, it seemed like the only people who believed we could do it were mom and I. And even we didn’t believe it at times. But we did it. A dead car battery just about did us in one day, but we rallied from that (feeling grateful that we discovered it while the car was in the driveway and not in the middle of Nevada). Then we packed the Rav and headed west. 

Three days later we arrived in California. Mike was still working on the workshop construction, so it took a few days to complete that, then get all of my stuff moved into the workshop. Then we had to buy new furniture for mom’s room, clean up all our construction trash, and start to get organized as a 4-person household. 

Needless to say, I haven’t had a lot of free time lately. And even if I had time, I had no computer! So that’s what’s been going on. I also found out that the Goodsmiths blog is suspending paid posts, so I guess that gig is over. On the plus side, it means I can share more recipes and projects here, and I intend to! Now that mom’s here I can have a regular work schedule again. I’m still playing catch-up, but I look forward to having some uninterrupted time for blogging here pretty soon. 

Thanks to those still hanging in there. You’re the best!