Saying goodbye to Charlotte

Yesterday we had to say goodbye to mom’s dog, Charlotte. I feel like she’s partially mine, too, since we got her the summer I was living at home after college. That summer we lost our childhood dog, Sammie, and decided we wanted a Boston terrier for our next companion. When we found Charlotte, in a small town in Missouri, she was the runt of the litter. They called her Piggie because she had a curly tail. She only weighed a pound, and we loved her instantly.

Charlotte has always been such a sweet sidekick — social, cuddly, with a great zest for life chasing her tire toy. So when she went blind a few months ago and couldn’t do much anymore, she just didn’t seem like the same dog. I will miss her snuggles in the “butt hut” as we call it. She was an important member of our family, and it just won’t be the same without her.

Reggie and Charlotte

I am so entertained by Reggie and Charlotte’s relationship. Reggie has always been pretty aloof towards Sadie. When Sadie tries to cuddle up with her she’ll allow it for a couple minutes, then get up. But not with Charlotte. Those two are cuddle buddies.

Charlotte is also a dog that doesn’t care much for other dogs. She’s always been a dog who loves her people. But from day 1 she has found a kinship with Reggie. I’m always finding them together on the couch, positioned so they both stay warm. It’s pretty adorable.