Renegade goodies

So Renegade was beyond amazing. Not only was the selection of vendors incredibly good, but the shoppers were out in full force!

3rd Annual Renegade Craft Fair Holiday Market in San Francisco
Photo by the peeps at Renegade. See more here.

I’m glad I worked so hard to make extra goods because I sold out of almost everything. After a pretty dry spell the last couple months it was awesome to get selling again.

Oh, and guess who they put me next to… the uber-talented Rae Dunn, who designed the salt and pepper cellars I got for my birthday.

Since I did so well I decided to make a few purchases. My big splurge was this bag from appetite.

Sophisticated. And not from Target.

I also got a cute little yarn bucket from the other vendor next to me, chewing the cud.

And this print I have been wanting for a long time from Casa Murriguez.

There may have been another purchase that will have to stay secret until after Christmas.

So now I’m just getting everything ready for our trip to the Midwest. Now that I am a total wimp I will probably freeze my tush off, especially when we get to the frozen north. But I’m excited!


Things that are making me happy this week:

Trader Joe’s sparkling waters. These totally satisfy my need to drink something carbonated, since I’m trying to avoid soda. And they’re only $1!

Red tomatoes in December!

There’s only a few of them, but my plant is still hanging on.

The cutest takeout container. I got this at a Korean restaurant, and they sealed it up like it was a little Lean Cuisine or something.

Chicken tikka masala over turmeric rice with peas.

I’m obsessed with this dish at a local Indian place so I thought I’d take a stab at making it myself. I found a recipe on the Pioneer Woman, cut it in half, and it turned out really well. You can’t replace the smoky flavor of the tandoor oven, but by cooking the chicken under the broiler you can come close. The sauce was right-on in color and texture, but next time I would use less garam masala and a little more cumin. Still, yum!

I also got crafty and made a stocking for Sadie to match the one I made for Reggie.

Sadie’s features a turkey, as we discovered on Thanksgiving that she will knock down a whole turkey carcass when tempted. You can’t stop the hound nose.

And finally I leave you with my favorite song of the week – Shake it Out!

Show this weekend!

I’m doing my first Berkeley craft fair on Saturday at the Sticky Art Lab, a fun place where kids can go to make craft projects from recycled materials. Here’s all the info!

Loving: scissor earrings

At my craft fair on Sunday I managed to trade for these lovely pairs of earrings from the seller across from me, Boobadeeboo.

I just couldn’t resist the ones that look like little sewing scissors!

There are all kinds of wonderful miniatures in earring form in her shop, so check it out.

Craft fair this weekend

This Sunday will be my last A Fair to Remember show of the season.

It hasn’t exactly been scarf-wearing weather around here (fall is actually quite warm in the bay area), but perhaps tourists will be buying for weather in cooler locales.

To be honest, I don’t do this show for the sales as much as I just love being part of such a cool event. Have I mentioned once or a hundred times how much I love north beach?

So this week I will be knitting away at some more organic cotton fingerless gloves and cute berets.

By the way, I was really excited to see my rope rug on Apartment Therapy! I am working on one right now, and that bad boy is heavy, but so much fun.

Stitches, big and small

You know how I made a knit sign for vending at craft fairs? Well, I loved it, but I felt like it looked a bit like a kindergartener made it. So I decided to re-do the letters for Renegade. But after the show, I realized I needed to make over the whole theme of my booth to fit in with the modern, sort of minimalist design that goes with poufs. So my new sign looks like this.

I’m disappointed that I couldn’t fit the word “knits” on there, but those letters took FOREVER to make and I decided to just let them be. I love how if you look closely you realize everything is made of yarn. And I love how the letters resemble typewriter type.

Speaking of stitching on a canvas, I got this sweet anniversary present from my grandma.

I love all the different layers — it’s a more complex cross stitch than what I’m used to seeing. My favorite part is our names stitched in those itty bitty letters.

Renegade recap

First, I’ll just say that the Renegade Craft Fair was by far the most well-organized show I’ve ever been a part of. It should be, considering it is 10 times the price of every other show I’ve done, but you can imagine that pulling together such a big event with hundreds of vendors would make for some logistical challenges. But everything was smooth sailing — plenty of information, a very cohesive group of makers, bathrooms with no lines, yummy food that never ran out, etc. etc.

I wish I had more photos to share, but by the time everyone is set up, the crowd makes it hard to take a lot of pictures. And it was quite a crowd!

Here’s what my booth looked like.

I redid the letters on my sign so they would look a little more like the font I use, but they ended up a little too big. I didn’t have time to fix them, so I had to leave them as-is. Oh well…

The little owls were very popular. I stayed up until 1:30 Friday night finishing them, and I’m glad I did because I sold more of them than anything else by far.

I didn’t become rich off of this show, but it really helped me decide where I am going to take my shop from now on. The giant pouf (which I almost didn’t bring because I was having trouble fitting it in my car), was a huge hit. I think half the people there touched it, sat on it, or otherwise marveled at it. I had several shop owners and interior designers ask about it (!!!). It’s obvious that people are enticed by the large-scale knitting. And though I am having some issues sourcing the materials, I am going to spend more time on it because I can see it has so much more potential.

I had to restrain myself from shopping too much because there was SO much good stuff from other vendors. I heard from some shoppers that the selection has really improved over the years.

I bought this yummy smelling soap from the folks at Clean Getaway Soap.

I learned they are from Denver, so I would encourage all my Colorado friends to check it out if they haven’t already.

Apparently I am the last person to realize that the next big animal to inspire the crafting world is the narwal. Mike had to convince me that yes, the narwal in fact is a real animal.

Narwal tee from Gnome Enterprises.

I am totally in love with everything from Rae Dunn, especially her salt and pepper cellars.

I was also quite smitten with the booth next to me, jfish designs. You know I have a thing for succulents, so I loved these curvy hanging planters.

I ended up trading a pouf for this cool organizer.

Not sure what I’m going to put in it yet. Maybe jewelry?

I learned that I want to do some things differently for future shows:

• Get some kind of dolly or rolling cart so I don’t have to carry everything, especially if I am by myself.
• Bring twice as many business cards as I think I’ll need. I completely ran out!
• Work on getting more vertical displays, possibly shelving.
• Streamline the look of my booth, which is kind of all over the place right now.
• Become wealthy so that I can buy everything from other vendors!

I am probably not going to do any more shows until it gets closer to fall just because it’s hard for me to sell knit goods in the summer, and I need some time to regroup. But I’m feeling as hopeful as I’ve felt in a long time that I can make this crafting thing into what I always wanted it to be. So, onward!


It’s finally here, my first big show at the Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco. I’ll be there all weekend with all the same goodies I usually have, plus an appearance by the giant pouf!

Here are the details:

And check out the other vendors. I’m totally overwhelmed by all the talent here.

A Fair to Remember and new knits

Tomorrow is my second A Fair to Remember show in Jack Kerouac Alley, and I’m super excited.

I will have a lot of the same things I had last time:

A big pile of poufs,

fingerless gloves,

seed stitch dish cloths…

But then I will also have a lot of new items. After the last show I realized I needed more small, feminine accessories, so I made some headbands,

flower pins,


and lightweight scarves.

And just for fun I’ve started making these little owlies.

Let’s hope for good weather and lots of tourists!

(Anything I don’t sell will get stockpiled for Renegade.)