Master bedroom makeover

When we bought our house, I never actually thought about living in the master bedroom, since it was always going to be mom’s space. But since she left, we have the opportunity to change rooms and give the kids their own bedrooms. So of course we couldn’t just move the furniture. We had to make a few upgrades. 

We started by taking out the dated light fixture and replacing it with one that is more modern, but still gives a nod to the house’s midcentury style.  Then Mike painted the walls a nice neutral color and updated all the baseboard trim. 

The curtains and rods were OK, but we wanted some that made the super short windows look bigger. So we got some floor-length curtains and put them high and wide over the windows.

I think the result of all that is a bedroom that looks a lot brighter. But we also got some light-blocking roller shades to help us sleep at night. 

It’s funny — when we first looked at this house it was so dark. But it actually has incredible natural light. The window coverings make such a big difference. I’m having trouble finding any pictures of the original bedroom, but I did find one of the horrible vertical blinds.


Our old bedding was pretty gross after a few years of use by us, babies and dogs. So we just threw it away and got new bedding. The next phase will be painting our old room the same neutral color and then moving Max’s crib in there. It will also double as a guest room since it will have a full-sized bed in it.

Blank-slate bedroom.

And, super awesome bonus, we will have a whole extra closet to use for storage. Lack of storage space has been one of my only complaints about this house. 

We can also move a lot of toys out of the living room and into the kids’ rooms. We may have to buy one more dresser, but other than we shouldn’t have to do anything to Harper’s room (whew). 

We’ve been doing a lot of work on the yard and gardens, and I will share that in another post.

The tomato plants have gone even crazier than last year!

It’s nice to finally feel like we’ve completed most of the projects we wanted to do on the house and can just enjoy them. One kind of crazy thing — we’re actually thinking about getting solar panels and an electric car. We have so much sun and utilities and gas are so expensive, it just makes sense. 

OK, two crazy things. Now that the rest of the house looks so good, the kitchen is really starting to bother me. All I really need are better cabinets. But once we got started on that I know we would want to redo the whole thing.

Sigh. For now it’s just a very expensive thought. 

Also, next month we are finally going on a family vacation!  Mike has a conference in Portland with free childcare, so we decided to make a trip out of it. It kills me that we have lived on the west coast this long without having been there, so we’re doing it. 

Main bathroom reveal

Our last major project on the house is done! Well, the last project on round 1 of home remodeling. We could really use some better kitchen cabinets and central heat, but we knew we probably wouldn’t be able to get to those things for a while. So we set aside enough money to do a few major projects, and now they are ALL DONE. Hallelujah!

The bathroom was a problem for a lot of reasons. First, it was butt ugly. After bringing the rest of the house out of the ’80s (see mom’s bathroom remodel), the dated bathroom just looked awful.

The linoleum was ugly and stained. It just had to go. It also seemed like the floor was uneven, because water from the faux marble sink was always dripping onto the floor.


The previous owners had replaced the mirror cabinet and light fixture. However, they picked new ones that are the opposite of what we would have picked. The 3-mirror cabinet was always sticking out because the shelves were too tiny to hold much of anything. We had to keep way too many things on the sink because they just didn’t fit anywhere else. And really, when your bathroom is that ugly, you don’t fret too much about clutter.

The shower was not actually that bad. I sort of enjoyed that the faux marble walls didn’t have grout to get all moldy. But when we took off the shower doors (I can’t stand shower doors!), it left some marks and scrapes on the walls and tub. The fixtures were also pretty old and grimy, and the drain plug didn’t work correctly.

The tub edge.

The other super weird thing was the light switch situation. There were two switches at different heights for the light and fan. The fan switch was in the place that seemed more appropriate for the light switch. So we really wanted to get them re-wired so that they were on a double switch in a place that made sense. The fan was also super loud.

Then there was the toilet that used about 6 gallons per flush. The one we put in mom’s bathroom uses .8 gallons per flush. So yeah, we wanted something a leetle more efficient. (With the drought, something like that really does make a huge difference).

At first I thought we could get away with just tearing out the linoleum and the toilet, sink cabinet and mirror, and then maybe refinishing the tub. But eventually it made more sense to tear all of it out and start from scratch. There were a couple of imperfections in the drywall that made us concerned for what was underneath. So, better safe than sorry.

Side note: Do you watch “Renovation Realities”? We love that show. And what you learn from watching it is that something, or a few somethings, will always go wrong and cost you extra money and time. Sigh.

So, when Mike tore out the drywall, he did find some issues. The subfloor had some damage and there was a good-sized hole underneath. So, new subfloor.

Check out how the wood connects on the right. Face palm. 

Then there was a stud that had been cut and repaired in a completely unsafe way. When he went to replace it, Mike cut a hole in the water pipe nearby, so we had to pay a plumber to fix that. While she was there, we also had her make sure all the sink pipes would work when went to put that in.

Another issue: there was no insulation in any of the walls. So while we had the walls off we put some in the outside wall.

And then when he went to install the shower fixture, Mike realized that the pipes there were not going to match up. So, we had to call another plumber to bring that up to date.

New pipes!

After ALL that was taken care of, we were able to put the walls back up. Mike enlisted a friend for help since I am not in any kind of shape to do drywall. Another side note: why is it purple?

Without a light, the bathroom was dark and scary for a while.

Once the walls were up, we could tackle the tile. As Mike learned from the first bathroom, tile is not actually that hard as DIY projects go. The worst part is the prep — cutting all the tiles or tile sheets to fit around corners and such. We did have to buy a tile saw, but that wasn’t too expensive. Mike laid all the tiles for the floor and shower and then I came in and did the grout.

We decided to put subway tiles all the way to the top of the shower.  So much better!

It was a lot of work for a super pregnant lady, but I think it turned out great.

I also painted the walls, the same shade of blue/gray that we used in mom’s bathroom. We just wanted everything to look clean and simple. Mike had to tackle the very smelly job of refinishing the tub since it would not be good for me to inhale epoxy. He got a respirator and it was really only bad for one day.

Once everything was dry and the grout sealed, we could put the bathroom back together.

We used the Hemnes furniture from IKEA for the cabinet and mirror. The mirror cabinet is huge, but it actually holds everything with room to spare.

The shallow sink also allows for more storage underneath. And Harper’s little stool fits underneath the sink, which is nice because the bathroom is pretty small.

The fan we put in the ceiling is so cool. It’s about as silent as a Prius and it comes on automatically when it detects humidity. The light fixture has turned out to be a little small for the room, but that would be easy to replace if we wanted to. IKEA makes a 5-light version.

The toilet has worked great so far. On a rare occasion you might have to flush twice, but even if you do, you’re still only using 1.6 gallons. Oh, and Mike got a super fancy toilet seat that has a slow-close feature and a built-in child seat. So, no more Elmo potty ring taking up space. 

We decided to kind of hide the towel bars behind the door. With four of us using the bathroom, it can look pretty messy, but this tidies it up.

I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to walk past the bathroom and see it looking so good. It finally matches the rest of the house! And it was the one thing we really wanted to finish so that we could concentrate on what really matters — our new kiddo!

*I finally had a chance to go over all our receipts and figure out the cost for this project. It came out to about $3,850. The IKEA furniture and light fixture came to about $600. We had to pay the plumbers $765. The toilet and fancy seat were about $250. Each set of tile was around $400. So the rest was for drywall, mud, paint, grout, various supplies and some new tools we had to buy. At least with the tools we can use them again for future projects. The bathroom is fairly small, but I think for a complete remodel (down to the studs and subfloor), we did really well. And with the way houses have been selling in this neighborhood, I’m sure we’ll see a return on our investment. 

Refinished table and chairs

On the long list of things I’m thankful for this year is our beautiful refinished midcentury table and chairs. I’m excited to share how we transformed a pretty broken down set into something that looks like it came out of a West Elm catalog (and for a fraction of the cost).

So, way back in January, I think, we found this dining room set at the Cordelia Junction antique mall. It was covered in dishes, but I could see how cool it looked underneath. Although the set appeared to be missing a chair with arms and one without, it had all the other pieces, including two table leaves. And it was exactly the midcentury style I’d been hoping to find. So at $125 with 20% off, we felt like it was a deal not to be missed. Into the car it went.

The table itself was pretty bowed in the center and a little wobbly.

It also had quite a bit of damage to the surface and it was a pretty blah color.

Mike started by repairing the wood so that the table would be nice and flat and more sturdy. Then came the sanding part, which was not easy. Every curvy arm, nook and cranny of those chairs had to be sanded rough and then fine. We have very little free time these days, so he worked on it when he could. Eventually, all the parts were ready to be stained.

The staining went pretty quickly. We chose something darker, and a little more cherry colored. We felt it went with the rest of our furniture better.

Then we came to the final stages. While Mike was applying several coats of the clear finish, I decided to replace the nasty fabric on all the chair seats.

It took forever to get the fabric off the first seat, but the rest came off pretty easily. I used a hammer to pull out a lot of the staples and mostly just ripped the rest of the fabric off.

The seats had a layer of soft material underneath, but I added another layer of batting just to make them a little softer. Then I cut a square of (much more attractive) fabric around each seat and stapled it on.

It’s a little tricky to fold the fabric around the rounded corners, but overall it’s super easy. When in doubt, add more staples!

I thought the seats looked about 1000 times better when they were done.

Unfortunately, just as Mike was about to finish all the clear coats on the table and chairs, we had to get started on our bathroom remodel. So the table had to be put on hold for another 2 months. And just this week we finished the bathroom (more on that in another post) and so we could finish the table.

Doesn’t it look amazing? It’s just exactly what I wanted for that space, and I think it turned out so well. I’m glad we didn’t pay a huge amount of money for it, since it will be getting a lot of use by little ones in the next few years. I think with the initial cost, the sandpaper, stain, clear finish, batting and fabric, we probably came in less than $300. This one at West Elm is $600 plus $350 per chair.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that my mom had found some midcentury chairs out on the curb that we decided to incorporate into the set so we’d have 6 chairs. I covered those seats in matching fabric, and they fit in amazingly well. I think this project was meant to be!

Mom’s bathroom reveal

The bathroom is finally done!

We had some delayed gratification with it because just as we had all the pieces ready to install, we found a problem with the sink plumbing. We also decided to get help installing the toilet, so we had to have our contractor come by twice before it was all said and done. But it is done, and it is gorgeous!

Just so you can appreciate what an incredible transformation it was, here is what the bathroom looked like before (sorry for the bad photos).

The decor in there was probably as old as me, if not older. Plus, the floor around the toilet was rotted from a previous water leak, so that had to be fixed.

We started by having our contractor remove the ugly tiles and replace the wood subfloor. Then we stripped the dated wallpaper and painted it a lovely blue-gray color.

After having watched a LOT of home improvement shows and read plenty of home improvement blogs, we decided we could lay new tile ourselves. Mike watched some YouTube videos and asked our contractor a bunch of questions and he felt confident he could do the work. The tile turned out to be one of the easiest DIY projects we did, and I think it completely makes the room.

We wanted a kind of antique looking floor, and I love the way the hex tiles complement the more modern style of the other pieces in the room.

The medicine cabinet is from Lowe’s. The sink cabinet and faucet are from IKEA. I love that the cabinet has dividers inside the soft-close drawers.

Harper has already discovered all the goodies inside.

We went on a wild goose chase for a super low-flow toilet and ended up finding it at Lowe’s.

I know it’s a small thing, but it’s amazing how much new outlets and light switches can improve the look of a room.

We are so happy with how this bathroom turned out. We keep asking each other, “Have you looked at the bathroom today?” It’s like an instant stress reliever.

Our last two big projects are the garage organization and the main bathroom remodel. We were just going to redo the bathroom floor and replace the toilet and sink/medicine cabinets. But now we’re wondering if we shouldn’t just redo the whole thing while we’re at it. So we haven’t decided what to do yet, but at least we know we can do the tile ourselves and we’re confident we can improve the style about a thousand percent!

Oh, and if you’re wondering about the cost, it came in around $2,000 for the whole project. I don’t think there’s any question it will pay off in the long run. Here’s the breakdown:

subfloor replacement: $800
help with installation: $300
toilet: $150 (though we’re looking into a rebate that would make it almost free)
sink cabinet: $250
faucet: $70
medicine cabinet: $45
tile + supplies: approx. $250, can you believe that?
wallpaper removal: $20
paint and trim: $65
towel bar: $25
toilet roll holder: $21
outlet + light switch: $25
corner shelf: $35 (can’t find the link but it was Threshold at Target)
Total: $2056

A few more updates

The house is still a work in progress, but I realized I hadn’t shared some other projects we finished. First, Harper’s room. 

After we painted and replaced all the outlets and light switches, we did some decorating. We added a blackout roller shade from Ikea, which has been great for naps.

Then we put up all the artwork that had been in her room before, including the family photos above her crib. We had to downsize one shelf since her room is smaller than before, but I think everything fits in there perfectly now.

In the kitchen we had one small but very important project. There was a broom closet that randomly used to house a fuse box. The space was pretty much useless, so we painted the inside and added some homemade shelves. Now it’s a great pantry.

And then outside we added some furniture to our deck. Before it was pretty blah, though I loved the built-in bench.

We ended up getting a super bargain on a huge table, nice umbrella and two chairs at Target by purchasing floor models that were half price at the end of the season.

We also added a storage cabinet and a grill, so the deck is a great eating/entertaining space now.

Next up we’re finishing mom’s bathroom, which has been an absolutely incredible transformation. Can’t wait to show you pictures when it’s all done!

Workshop reveal

I can’t believe I can finally say this: The workshop is finished!

Well, nothing is ever truly finished around here. I still have a lot of smaller projects I’d like to do. But I can say I have a functional workspace and it looks amazing.

Here’s what the inside of the workshop looked like before.

Actually, when we first bought the house the workshop didn’t even have lights or electricity. It was basically a garage with a dirty cabinet and a partially finished closet.

It was never really meant to be a finished building, but that’s what I needed so we made do with what we had. Some of the wood in the ceiling looked like it had been salvaged from another building, so I think it was a DIY project from the start.

So, a few weeks ago, Mike and his dad started work on the drywall. It’s something we will probably never DIY again because it’s so much work, but it was a good thing for them to do together. I know Mike learned a lot about construction and got several new tools out of it.

After they sealed holes, patched uneven wood beams and put in insulation, they did the drywall, tape and mud.

That was about when my mom arrived, so we had to move everything that had been jammed in her room outside. What a mess!

Part of the problem (in addition to the workshop being smaller than my old workspace) was that I had never had a chance to go through all my stuff before we moved and get rid of things I didn’t need. I didn’t even know what I didn’t need until I tried to move into the new space.

In the meantime, Mike and I worked on painting the old cabinet and replacing the damaged wood on top. He cut the boards and stained them a nice color.

Check out that crazy old paper inside!

I painted the drawers white and replaced all the hardware.

And then everything was ready. The paint-stained cement floor needed something to make it look a little better, so I got an outdoor rug from Target.

So, drumroll please… here’s how it looks now.

I painted the peg boards lemongrass and then installed them on the back wall, which brings the whole room together. 

I was so excited to use my Pyrex bowls as useful displays. They’re holding all the ribbons, thread, buttons and other sewing supplies my mom and I have between us.

Another corner of the room is my shipping center. Shelves were key to getting the most out of the vertical space in the room.

Sadly my yarn display is almost totally empty! Time to reorder.

I’m glad I had plenty of wall space for artwork and photos, including one of my grandmother. She watches over the shop.

The back of the room is a bit messy, but my felt scraps and extra foam and stuffing have to go somewhere.

I originally thought I would leave the old gray paint on the closet door but now it looks so grungy I think I’m definitely going to paint it. Inside the closet we’re storing all of our signs and things for sales, plus some of mom’s items to sell on eBay. 

Sometime I’d like to paint my desk and the yarn display since nothing matches. Then I’d like to find a vintage wood file cabinet with 4 drawers so I don’t have to have two cabinets precariously stacked.

The final piece is painting the exterior and maybe getting a new light and a sign for the door. I’m picturing something cute that says “Mary Marie Knits world headquarters.”

Progress in the yard

I finally got some gardening done. Some of it is working, some of it isn’t. So it goes.

This hanging basket came with the house, so I filled it with a mix of annuals.

I love the combination of purple and orange flowers. They seem to be doing well.

I’m trying a pot of basil again, which I’ve never had success growing here. So funny since I always used to have so much more than I could ever use.

I got two cherry tomato plants. They seem to do better than full-sized tomatoes, which thrive in warmer weather, too.

I got new chives, thyme and lavender plants. Mint ended up in the ammo box. I wanted it to have plenty of (contained) space to grow.

It’s happy there, and we’ve already used it several times!

I’m so happy to report that 1) the orange tree has several oranges on it,

and 2) the little potted orange tree seems to be coming back to life. After looking nearly dead for a long time, new leaves are growing and I spotted one tiny orange.

About half of the first strawberries I planted keeled over, so I bought 6 more and made a little patch. Had to dig up a big plant to make room, but that’s OK.

The blueberry bush I bought looks pretty droopy, though. I’m not sure what it needs. I think I need to do more research.

I think I am going to end up removing these overgrown geraniums to make room for more berries.

I don’t really care for the red ones and we have a bunch of pink ones elsewhere in the yard.

I was thinking of planting something in this bare spot, but Sadie loves it so much I can’t do it.

I managed to kill all three zinnias I planted. Maybe I shouldn’t have tried to separate them.

I don’t want to give up on having zinnias, though. I really love them. The dahlias I bought look great.

I think they’re really too big for their pot, though. So maybe I’ll plant them in the ground and get more.

There are some pretty little marigolds scattered throughout the yard that I might transplant once the workshop construction is gone.

I’ll at least clean up the weeds and try to give them a dedicated space.

I’m happy to say these pretty mums are doing well after getting cleaned out and watered.

And my fave fucshia plants are happy as can be.

Overall, I don’t think I can expect too much from the yard this summer, but it’s fun to get started on it. 

Home improvements

We’re all moved in and my in-laws are here to help with the workshop remodeling and some other projects, so I finally have some time for a progress report on the new house. Here’s what the front looked like before. 

After many attempts and a trip to the local tool library, we were finally able to take down the ugly awnings. Woo hoo!

We also got some new house numbers, which Mike mounted on a plain board painted white.

Definitely better than the old ones!

Here is the old doorbell.

And the new one, which is lighted and easy to see at night.

Remember the ugly front-door handle?

We actually replaced all the exterior doorknobs and locks.

We obviously have some painting to do on the front door, but since I still haven’t decided what to do about the screen door, that can wait.

We replaced two exterior doors that were in terrible shape, one in the garage and one in the workshop. This was the workshop door before.

And now.

Inside, the biggest, most dramatic change is definitely the floors. All but our bedroom had ugly brown carpet.

Here’s what the living room floor looked like after the carpet was removed and the oak floors were sanded.

They looked brand new! The flooring guys did an amazing job bringing those 60-year-old floors back to life. We also painted the walls a buttery yellow color.

Here’s another shot of the carpet in the hallway.

And the wood floors now. The board patterns are kind of cool, and they’re repeated in every room.

The electrical work has been completed, so that’s a big weight off our shoulders. We still have some outlets to change over, but they are going from this:

to this:

Plus we’re changing all the light switches and plates over to new white ones. But that’s still on the to-do list!

Another big difference came when we took down the frumpy drapes.

They took a house with huge picture windows and made it super dark. We got some simple curtains and rods from IKEA, which while dark grey still let in a lot of light.

We still have to take down the awning on the side of the house, which will make it even lighter.

The kitchen was really the big bear of a project. Here’s a good before shot.

We liked the style of the cabinets and they were in good shape. But we didn’t love the brown color with copper handles. It made the kitchen feel too small and dark. So we decided to save money and just paint the cabinets white ourselves.

One of us would go to the new house at night while the other watched Harper, or I would use my “work days” to paint. It took forever! The surfaces just seemed to grow as we worked. And in the end the paint is somewhat uneven and cracked in a few places.

However, the kitchen does look much better now.

Here’s the ancient microwave before:

And with the new microwave now:

I’m trying not to let it bother me too much that the appliances don’t match. 😉

One interesting thing — we bought new hinges to match the new drawer pulls, but they didn’t fit correctly. So I ended up buying metallic spray paint for the old hinges and it worked really well.

Oh, and I almost forgot the drawer liners! Those old nasty ones just about killed me. They were on every shelf in the kitchen and it took me a week to get them off. But the new ones are great.

When I needed a break from the kitchen, I decided to tackle the hall closet, which had been full of mismatched shelves before.

I tossed some of the plywood shelves and kept the nice ones. Then I painted the whole thing white. Big impact for not very much work.

The bathroom still needs a lot of work, but at least I got rid of the shower doors and mini blinds.



Harper’s room got a fresh coat of green paint and a new blackout roller shade. She sleeps a lot better in there now.

We also replaced the mini blinds in our room with roller shades, but other than that we didn’t do anything in there.

The next big project is the workshop.

Now that it has electricity and lights, Mike and his dad are putting up the drywall. It should really be a huge transformation. I’m also planning to make a painted peg board and fix up the cabinet. So excited!

Outside we also have some landscaping to do. I bought a bunch of new herbs and flowers, which my mother-in-law is going to help me plant. I keep making new discoveries in the yard. These calla lilies opened up, and it turns out we have an orange tree!

So, tons of work completed and lots more to do. We are all exhausted, but proud of all the improvements we’ve made. It’s just so satisfying when it’s your house.


This week has been a paint-smeared, box-cluttered blur as we finish preparing the new house for our move this weekend. We need a few days to get settled, but then I will have LOTS of photos of the progress we’ve made. It’s looking great, and I can’t believe it’s ours. 

New house tour

It sounds weird, but one of my favorite parts about the new house is that it needs work. We’ve already started tackling some projects and it is awesome to watch the place transform. 

First up, we had to address the electrical issues. Most of the outlets were for old 2-prong plugs, plus the fuse system was out of date and frankly dangerous given how many computer and appliances we’ll be plugging in.

So we got a credit to fix the big issues. Then we paid extra to have the workshop wired and lights installed.  

The old lighting came from an extension cord run through this door. Super safe!

I’ll have more photos of the inside later. We plan to install drywall later this summer, and that will really transform the space.

The second thing we had to do was get a new door for the workshop. The old one was so rotted that the bottom literally fell off. 

We wanted to change most of the locks in the house, so we got a locksmith to help us with that. The front door lock/plate was that ugly brassy color, so we were not too sad to get rid of it. 

The front door is actually pretty nice, but I have this idea that it would be cool to paint it orange. The only problem is that we really like having a screen door for air circulation. So I’m torn on whether or not to replace or remove the screen door. Or maybe just paint the screen door instead. 

The next big project was the flooring. We knew it would be best to address the ugly carpet before we moved in, so we started right away. Friends helped us rip out the old carpet and remove all the staples and tack strips. Then we hired a flooring company to sand and refinish the oak floors underneath. 

This is what it looked like underneath the carpet. I can’t imagine covering up that beautiful floor!

One issue that we will have to address later is the floor heater.

It’s big and not great for a toddler, but we don’t have the budget for a central heating system right now. Thankfully it never gets very cold!

The living room and dining room don’t need much else, other than new window treatments and a new light fixture above the dining room table. This one is new, but not our taste.

Between the awnings and the huge grandma curtains, these two rooms are really dark. Hopefully the changes we make will bring in lots more light. 

Both the hall linen closet and the kitchen pantry need shelves repositioned and painted.

Mike is great at building little shelves, so that should be no problem. What worries me is that we are used to having a second big hall closet that we won’t have anymore. 

The main bathroom is functional, but pretty darn ugly. Shower doors make me crazy, so those have to go. I hate, hate, hate mini blinds, so those have to go too. 

The shower head and faucet can be easily replaced with something more modern. 

Same with the sink cabinet and faucet (I’m thinking IKEA). We will probably pull up the vinyl flooring and replace it with hex tiles. 

The kitchen is really not so bad. Believe me, I saw much worse when we were house-hunting. I’d like to paint the cabinets white to make it lighter and more spacious looking. The drawers are lined with cute paper, but I’m thinking this chevron lining will look great. 

It has to be better than the pieces of stained linoleum I found nailed to the bottom of some cabinets!

We already got a new microwave to replace the ancient one. We’re also thinking of adding some shelving underneath the bar area. We need it for storage much more than we need it for seating.

Harper’s room doesn’t need a thing other than curtains and possibly a paint color. I’m thinking about light green. We could paint our room or leave it as-is.

Mom’s room has these ugly vertical blinds. We all agree that we hate them, too.

Her room wins for the wackiest item, though. What do you think might be underneath this crazy carpeted bench? 

It’s a safe!

We found out that the previous owners had a gas station, so they would put the money here at night. Fortunately it turned out to be moveable. 

Mom’s half bath needs some work. The sub floor needs to be replaced, so we’d like to tile the floor while we address that.

I hate the wallpaper, and the sink cabinet will probably go too. 

The garage has some pretty nice built-in shelving, but everything could use a coat of paint. Strangely, it looks like there are floor tiles on the walls, but I think they are actually kind of cool. 

So is this mirror. I think I might spray paint it and use it in my booth at craft fairs. 

How about these relics?

Also strange, the door to the house looks like stainless steel. 

Outside: One of my favorite parts about the house is the deck.

I can imagine us having morning coffee out there or playing with Harper. We really haven’t been able to use our current back yard much, but this one should be a lot better. Plus, the deck is nice and low so Harper can’t go tumbling down a bunch of steps. We’ll probably toss the old chairs and get some new patio furniture and a grill. 

The little side yard needs some adjustments to the gutters and some new grass. 

Out front we have new house numbers and a new doorbell, which I will show you later. Of course there are lots of other little things like drawer pulls and light switches. A million things to toss in the cart at Home Depot.

It feels so good to be making progress everyday. I just wish the moving part would happen magically!