Do the wave!

If I saw something and can’t remember where it came from, there’s at least a 90 percent chance it was the Craft blog. Best blog EVER. To me.

Anyway, this pattern for a wavy knit blanket stuck with me. But since I don’t have time to make random extra blankets I thought I might turn the idea into one of my knit yoga bags. I think it was a success – the pattern is similar to cabling where just one row every few rows is different, making it a lot easier to follow. I just used the cotton yarn I had already bought to create the color blocking.

And on the subject of waviness, the latest round of candles I’ve been making has all come from one gigundo white candle that I colored (first some green, then some orange). It has this characteristic that makes it ripple when it cools. I haven’t done anything different in the process so I guess it’s just the wax. Weird!

Anyway, I figure I better get out and hit the garage sales before it gets too cold and my supply chain runs out. Otherwise I will have to resort to holding up grandmas, and that’s no fun.

Bamboo cable knit hat

As a person who admittedly likes everything just-so, I like to have a hat and a pair of gloves in the pockets of all of my winter coats. I’m very likely to forget one or the other if I just grab a coat out of the closet. And I have lots of coats. So when I bought my newest coat, a long, black pea coat, I had a cute striped scarf and gloves but no hat. I have to knit another hat? Darn. I actually really needed something crafty to work on after a month of crazy weather, busy work and insane shopping trips.

I decided I wanted a super soft cream colored hat and I found the perfect yarn for it at Michael’s. It’s actually bamboo, which makes me even happier. I like to use sustainable materials when possible.

Anyway, I used the pattern for a basic cable hat from “Stitch ‘n Bitch Nation.” My yarn was labeled bulky, but it really isn’t much thicker than the Lamb’s Pride worsted I used the last time I made the hat. Plus, I have a big head. So the only adjustment I made was to add a couple of rows after the cabling was done because I wanted it slightly longer. It worked beautifully.