A little love for MM Knits

Two really cool things happened this week that brought a little attention to Mary Marie Knits.

First, a local magazine, Diablo, featured my giant pouf in a collection of handmade gifts.

And then CasaSugar ran a little interview and tour of my house.

Cara and Pups

I had so much fun chatting with Elka and taking stock of all the pieces in my house I’ve made or collected over the years. And the dogs made sure to find their way into as many photos as possible!

Online reads

Speaking of reading, have you checked out Byliner yet? It’s a cool site that aggregates long-form journalism stories from past and present, including some original pieces like the one I bought, “Three Cups of Deceit” by Jon Krakauer.

I love that sites like Byliner and Longform.org make it easy for you to find good writing. It’s one of the rare things that makes me feel good about my profession lately!

I don’t have an iPad or a Kindle yet, but I discovered that you can download a free Kindle app for your Mac and read stories that way.

There are also a bunch of new magazines that can be read online or on a portable device, and it seems like this is the first time that change has started gaining some traction. Check out Sweet Paul and Lonny. (Also check out Grace’s response to the NY Times craptastic article about these mags).

I certainly want to believe magazines have a future both in print and online. It seems like it’s become normal to read a digital book, but magazines and newspapers are still struggling to find their footing. I appreciate good writing in all forms and I’ll keep seeking it out.

Submit a recipe to Readymade

My friend Amy, who is one of the editors at Readymade, asked me to spread the word about their Community Cookbook project. There’s a story in the Aug./Sept. issue about those lovable church and women’s league cookbooks that we all have in our kitchens. They’re putting together their own version with reader recipes.

I submitted one, and I think you should, too!

My thumbtacks in Country Living

This is pretty exciting. When I first heard about it I wasn’t going to believe it until I saw it. And then today I saw it!

The May issue of Country Living magazine features my little gingham button thumbtacks in a spread about all things gingham and adorable. Mine are the blue and purple ones.

I have plenty of these little guys in stock and can make more (or make them into refrigerator magnets).

The story behind the fabric is that it was used to make a baby blanket years ago. My mom gave me all the leftover scraps, and this is what I did with them. I always thought they were cute, so it’s nice to know someone else does, too.

Disecting women’s magazines

I’m a late arrival to jezebel.com, but I’m enjoying the feature where they take a women’s magazine cover and rewrite the cover blurbs. I thought it was interesting that they picked on Marie Claire, which Brianne and I agree is one of the better mags out there. But if you take the snark with a grain of salt it’s all pretty funny.

My personal favorite is the one that says “a writer lost 3 pounds, it only took a year”. That story got a huge eye roll from me because while I liked the concept (can you just stop fretting about food and actually lose weight?) I can in no way relate to someone who freaks out over 3 pounds. Take that times ten and then we’ll talk.

Also, you should definitely click on this link.

Missing Blueprint

I was thinking today, for the millionth time, that Blueprint was pretty much the best magazine ever. It started off on shaky ground – I don’t remember loving the first issue I saw. But it hit its stride and vaulted to wow, this is really good to oh my GOD how can a magazine be so clever and pretty and crafty all at the same time??

I tore out so many pages and posted them on my office idea board that there was hardly anything left at the end of the month. And what did I pay for this subscription? $6! Never was there such a bargain.

I think I loved it because it treated me like the woman I was. Feminine but not too girly, crafty but in a perfectionist way (I have no use for robot dolls, I need curtains and A-line skirts!), a foodie who’s capable of more than mac and cheese. Blueprint expected me to have my shit together and go from there.

Now we are left with the Bluelines blog, which is lovely, but not enough. And even though I was told I would get a subscription to Martha Stewart Living I didn’t even get that. They mailed me a $10 check instead.

My magazine shelf still runneth over, and I think some of you share the same problem… But it still feels like there’s a hole. Martha – why?