New in the store: Rope baskets

A while back someone asked me on Ravelry if I had a pattern for rope baskets, similar to my poufs. At the time I said no, but I realized that an unstuffed pouf looks pretty darn close to a basket if you stand it up.

So I fiddled with the pattern until I got the right dimensions for a basket that would stand upright. And I just love how it turned out. I could use a few of these myself for all the projects I have lying around!

If you want to get one, they’re here.

Succulent flowers

I was just noticing how all of the succulents in our garden have little flowers on them now. Some of them are really cool looking.

The chives are also full of flowers. I love the little purple pom poms.

I ended up buying a new mint plant and have already used it for mint juleps. I can’t believe I killed a mint plant. How is that possible?

I finally figured out that the orange flowers you see everywhere are California poppies, and they’re the state flower.

All the blooming flowers are making my allergies return.

In Iowa, I used to have allergies severe enough that I had to take 3 medications. After a year and a half sneeze-free, I’m definitely feeling it now.

Speaking of flowers, the place where I had my craft fair last weekend has the most amazing outdoor courtyard full of blooms.

It is such a cool setting for a show. Definitely my favorite.

This was my setup. I bought the umbrella on sale at Target the day before, and it was a total lifesaver.

I didn’t sell much (it was way too hot), but I definitely had a good time. The wall behind me had this tiny door that opened to a tiny window to the street.

The most amazing part is that this place is someone’s house! The people who live there are architects who remodeled a dingy apartment building into the coolest living space. Definitely magazine photoshoot worthy.

Spring craft show

This weekend I’ll be doing my first craft show of 2012 in a great little space in Oakland. Here are the details:

A little love for MM Knits

Two really cool things happened this week that brought a little attention to Mary Marie Knits.

First, a local magazine, Diablo, featured my giant pouf in a collection of handmade gifts.

And then CasaSugar ran a little interview and tour of my house.

Cara and Pups

I had so much fun chatting with Elka and taking stock of all the pieces in my house I’ve made or collected over the years. And the dogs made sure to find their way into as many photos as possible!

Wall of yarn

In an effort to reduce my many trips to the craft store, I decided to start ordering yarn wholesale (thank you, Karen Brady, for the advice!). It arrived this week and I got it all arranged in my cube shelves.

I’ve already used a bunch of it, and it’s so cool to be able to just go downstairs to my “store” and pick up whatever colors I need.

In other news, this is the last week of the cleanse. I’ll be relieved when it’s over, but I know I can’t go crazy and eat whatever I’ve been craving just because I can. We were thinking about some things we’d like to keep doing like buying almond butter instead of peanut butter and trying to eat blueberries more often. I also plan to cook some of the new things I tried, like lamb and artichokes, on a regular basis.

This week I made a really yummy white bean and kale soup.

I tried to make some biscuits again using a gluten-free baking mix, but they were just as bad as the last ones, maybe worse. Oh well. I probably didn’t need them anyway.

Last night I made trout. I don’t think I’ve ever made it before. I just baked it with some lemon slices, capers, fresh thyme sprigs, olive oil, salt and pepper.

It was really good. I think you could make just about any fish with those ingredients and it would turn out well.

I also tried Joy’s spiced almond steamer, which is a nice alternative to tea at night. I bought some cauliflower to make as a side dish this week. It’s another thing I pretty much never make, so I’m excited to see how it turns out. Well, as excited as someone can be about cauliflower!

January sale!

Last year I had a January sale in my Etsy shop and it worked out great, so I decided to do it again.

Just enter coupon code JANUARY when you check out and get 10% off your whole order!

I have a few things up my sleeve for 2012, so this is a chance for me to clear out the old and make way for fun new products. And don’t forget that you can buy the giant pouf pattern now.

Renegade goodies

So Renegade was beyond amazing. Not only was the selection of vendors incredibly good, but the shoppers were out in full force!

3rd Annual Renegade Craft Fair Holiday Market in San Francisco
Photo by the peeps at Renegade. See more here.

I’m glad I worked so hard to make extra goods because I sold out of almost everything. After a pretty dry spell the last couple months it was awesome to get selling again.

Oh, and guess who they put me next to… the uber-talented Rae Dunn, who designed the salt and pepper cellars I got for my birthday.

Since I did so well I decided to make a few purchases. My big splurge was this bag from appetite.

Sophisticated. And not from Target.

I also got a cute little yarn bucket from the other vendor next to me, chewing the cud.

And this print I have been wanting for a long time from Casa Murriguez.

There may have been another purchase that will have to stay secret until after Christmas.

So now I’m just getting everything ready for our trip to the Midwest. Now that I am a total wimp I will probably freeze my tush off, especially when we get to the frozen north. But I’m excited!

Calling all holiday shoppers

This weekend you can find me at the Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco selling all of my knit goodies — owls, cowls, poufs, fingerless gloves, ornaments, and anything else I can squeeze in the back of my Yaris.

Last weekend I signed up for a little holiday open house in Berkeley and in 3 hours my supply was almost completely wiped out. Which was wonderful! I’ve just been a teensy bit stressed about replenishing it all in the space of a week. But I’m almost done.

Until tomorrow, I leave you with some love from Ryan Gosling.

Show this weekend!

I’m doing my first Berkeley craft fair on Saturday at the Sticky Art Lab, a fun place where kids can go to make craft projects from recycled materials. Here’s all the info!

Craft fair this weekend

This Sunday will be my last A Fair to Remember show of the season.

It hasn’t exactly been scarf-wearing weather around here (fall is actually quite warm in the bay area), but perhaps tourists will be buying for weather in cooler locales.

To be honest, I don’t do this show for the sales as much as I just love being part of such a cool event. Have I mentioned once or a hundred times how much I love north beach?

So this week I will be knitting away at some more organic cotton fingerless gloves and cute berets.

By the way, I was really excited to see my rope rug on Apartment Therapy! I am working on one right now, and that bad boy is heavy, but so much fun.