Knit sign, all finished

I almost forgot to share this with you!

After a fresh coat of purple paint, my knit sign is complete. I think it turned out really well. After I did the lettering I felt like it needed a little something extra so I made some crochet flowers with extra yarn I had.

Now I just have to find some shows where I can show it off.

New items for 2011

I’ve been working on some new designs for the new year (hope you had a great celebration, by the way!). In hopes of improved time management and sanity, I’m paring down my offerings to a few styles that I will have in a variety of colors. I found a new roving yarn that I absolutely love to work with, too. It’s a super soft wool blend that comes in the loveliest neutral colors.

So anyway, here’s what’s new at Mary Marie Knits.

Twisted cowls that can be worn like a scarf or a neckwarmer.

Matching hats are in the works…

Wool sweater cups (cozy vessels for your pens and things).

Crocheted vintage wood hangers in 3 colorways.

And some changes to the poufs. First, all of the different sizes are now knit on the same size needles with a double strand of super bulky yarn. This is for consistency throughout the line and for a sturdier product.

Second, the stuff-it-yourself version is available in both large and extra large. As always, this is a great option if you want to save on shipping.

And third, I am working to improve the quality of the larger poufs that are stuffed with foam so they can be used as footstools. Unfortunately I’m realizing it means I have to spend more on materials. So, you’ll see two options for the medium, large, and extra large sizes based on the type of fill.

I’m currently working on testing out rope rugs. I think these are going to be absolutely amazing, but the materials are super expensive, and it’s going to take me some time to test out my patterns and color options. I’ll keep you posted!

After unpacking my craft room, I found a few items left over from 2010 craft shows, so I decided to put the up on Etsy. Some cute button thumb tacks and magnets.

And because I think you’re awesome, I’m giving blog readers a 20% discount on anything in the Mary Marie shop and 10% off anything in the Mary Marie Knits shop for the month of January. Just enter coupon code JANUARY at the checkout!

Double craft fair weekend

I’m knitting like crazy for two shows this weekend — my last two shows in Des Moines!

First up, Des Moines’ original indie craft show, Craft Saturday.

And then Sunday I’ll be doing the Green Gifts Fair. Last year’s fair was my best show ever, so I have high hopes for this one.

It seems too soon to shift into holiday gear, but I know people are breaking out their Christmas shopping lists already. So I will do my best to be ready.

Cozy knits

Is it time for fall yet?

I say that because even though the leaves are turning and we have three pumpkins on our front porch, it has been so unseasonably warm this October that it hardly seems authentically fall. You might remember that last year in early October it snowed!

But two weekends ago when I did my craft show, it was so warm I got overheated and sun scorched, and most people weren’t in the mood to buy chunky knit scarves.

So, I’m hoping for cooler temps this weekend, because I’m doing the East Village Bazaar again.

I’ll have all kinds of cozy knits, even more than last time.

Organic and stripey knits.

Chunky wool knits.

Knits for your head.

Knits for your hands (with vintage buttons, too).

Knits for your coffee cup.

And knits for your house.

I’m also signed up for Craft Saturday on November 6, and the Green Gifts Fair Nov. 7. So, ready or not fall weather, the knits are comin’!

East Village Sunday Bazaar

Mary Marie Knits is making her fall debut this weekend at the East Village Sunday Bazaar.

The bazaar has been moved slightly due to the World Food Festival, so it will be at E. 3rd Street, between Locust and Walnut.

I’ll have some lovely fall-ish items, like scarves, fingerless gloves, and cup cozies. It’s been feeling pretty summery around here this week, so hopefully people will be in the mood for fall. I’ve been pouring some new candles, as well, and I’ll have those, too.

Hope to see you there!

Vintage posts + a sale

I’ve found over the last couple months that I don’t have time to do everything I’ve been doing. It’s not just the wedding — some of the things I do are taking more time than they used to, so other things will have to come off my plate.

So, I have shut down my vintage blog, and I’m just going to focus on this one. I’m going to put some of my favorite vintage-related posts here in case you didn’t get a chance to read them. And going forward, if I want to blog about collecting/selling vintage pieces, I’ll just do it here.

Also, I’m clearing out my Mary Marie Etsy store to make way for new goodies this fall and winter. From now until I leave for the wedding Sept. 15, everything vintage in the store is 20% off!

Happy shopping, and enjoy a few fun vintage-y posts.

The week in poufs

I just finished knitting my fifth pouf in a week. I’m still not sure what caused the spike in sales. There was a link to my shop in an Apartment Therapy post, but that was after all the sales, so it’s still a mystery.

I’ve also been refining my method a little bit. It’s one thing to make a lumpy pouf for yourself. It’s another thing to ship an extra large to Australia. A lot of people have asked if they could stuff the pouf themselves, so I’ve been trying to make bags to hold the stuffing that don’t look like a six-year-old made them.

Lots of work. Lots of fails. Eventual success.

Oh, and I finally decided to keep one for myself. Orange, of course.

Just stamp it

Did you guys see this post on Design Sponge about making your own stamped business cards?

Since I’m constantly changing my products and starting new blogs and adding things to my plate, it’s hard for me to print just one type of business cards. So this idea just struck a chord with me. I picked up a similar stamping kit that came with two sets of letters in different sizes. I was hoping they made these things with different fonts, but I had no luck with that.

Anyway, I have been using them to personalize my birch bark tags for different products, and I just love the way it’s turning out. And then, if I do need business cards or calling cards, I can stamp ’em up in a hurry.

I highly recommend getting one of these stampers. They’re about $30 at places like Office Depot and Staples.

Birch bark tags

I have been using these on my products, and now I am selling them over at Mary Marie. They are real pieces of birch bark that you can write on!

Poufs of all sizes

I just added two new pouf sizes to my Etsy shop, so they now come in small (12 inch),

medium (14 inch),

large (16 inch) (I’m in love with the green stripe!)

and extra large (18 inch).

As they go up in diameter, they also go up in height. The bigger two sizes also have double thicknesses of yarn, so they are extra soft and squeezable. Because what else are you going to do with a giant round pillow?

Just convo me on Etsy if you have any custom requests. I’m more than happy to knit you up the pouf of your dreams. 🙂