Dogs, meet baby

People ask us a lot about how the dogs are doing with the baby and my answer is: surprisingly well. I thought maybe we would have problems with the dogs being too rough, as in jumping up on us while we were holding Harper or trying to climb over her or things like that. Maybe trying to lick her or paw at her, Sadie especially. But other than the first day or two that we had her home, the dogs have been very gentle around her. I don’t think we will have any issues until Harper starts crawling and walking. Once they are on the same level, moving around in each other’s spaces, I think we will probably have to work on the idea of being gentle. But that goes both ways. For every time a dog brushes past Harper while she’s in her jumper (including their tails), she is grabbing at them with her hands in a not-so-gentle fashion. Once she is dropping crumbs everywhere and running around with sticky hands, I’m sure they will become a team.

I am actually more concerned about the dogs’ well-being at this point. Mainly Reggie, because she has such a nervous disposition. When the baby cries a lot, Reggie usually wants to go outside. Sometimes she will stay out there for hours, which she never used to do. I think it’s partly that she likes having a space to call her own — I usually find her contentedly sunbathing — and partly because she is scared that someone crying means someone is upset with her. When Harper gets screamy, I have even found Reggie hiding underneath the stroller, and I have to coax her out.

Now that we have a little more time to devote attention to the dogs, I’m trying to give Reggie more pets and cuddles. I’m not sure she’ll ever get over the crying, but hopefully there will be less of that as Harper gets older. Thankfully, both dogs are pretty patient with kids petting or grabbing at them, so I’m not worried about them becoming agressive. I just hope they can behave when we have a teetering toddler.

Road trip: Reno/Tahoe

Our friend Yvonne moved to Reno not too long ago, so we decided to visit her and see Reno and Lake Tahoe for the first time. Well, technically we saw Reno on our way out here in 2010, but we basically just drove through and stopped for a quick lunch. This time we saw a heck of a lot more, especially considering we were only there for about 24 hours.

We drove to Reno on Friday afternoon, which I will not do again. Traffic was horrible! But once we got to the mountains at sunset I got a little less cranky. It was beautiful up there!

We took the dogs with us so that they could see their friend Okie again, and meet Yvonne’s new dog, Bug. The dogs were like an instant pack, running around and wrestling with each other. They also managed to figure out how to open the sliding door and escape from the house, but blessedly they didn’t go anywhere.

Everybody on the bed!

Yvonne’s house is so cool. It’s full of midcentury stuff that I swoon over. I mean, look at this lamp!

Saturday morning we decided to go on a little nerdy historical expedition. We were looking for some wagon ruts that allegedly were used by the Donner party. And we actually found them.

It’s basically just a rocky path at this point, but cool nonetheless. On the way there we ran into a bunch of wild horses.

They had obviously been around people before because they were very curious about us and not at all afraid of the dogs. One even let Mike pet her.

After that we had to hit The Nugget casino in downtown Reno so I could try the famous Awful Awful burger.

And I can now confirm that it is both awful big and awful good.

It’s a nice peppery burger with enough sauce that it doesn’t get too dry. The only weird thing is that they give you a pound of fries, which no one can possibly eat in one sitting (at least without being in some sort of contest where you win a T-shirt).

Hey, I finally look pregnant. Kind of.

Our last adventure was to head up to Lake Tahoe so we could finally see what all the fuss was about. It was such a gorgeous day, and because it’s fall the traffic wasn’t too bad.

We walked the dogs around for a while. Poor little Bug is still a little skittish so we had to get him to relax.

We let the girls loose on the dog beach, too.

Yvonne got this great picture of all of us. Sadie was being shy.

I really enjoyed getting in a little bit of nature at the lake. The sky was so blue, I couldn’t stop looking up.

We would have stayed longer and explored some more of the Donner history, but we had to get home. The dogs were so tired from playing that they completely crashed in the car.

Now that we know what we’ve been missing, we’ll definitely be back.

The week in photos

Mike got home from a business trip and the dogs took turns cuddling up to him. When one of us is gone, Reggie will spend long amounts of time staring at the door in case we come back.

One of my customers asked for poufs with a more rounded shape, and you know what? I think I like it better than what I have been doing. I try to be open to custom orders because they so often lead to new products or new designs.

I’ve been getting a ton of orders for rope knits, so I ordered rope that comes on a giant spool. I put a spool of thread next to it for comparison sake. Ha!

And how about this little box of yummy?

It’s from Phil’s Sliders in downtown Berkeley. You really can’t argue with two tiny burgers and rectangular tater tots. They inspired me to make my own California burgers this week.

It’s all OK if you have a wheat bun, right?

I have been so burger crazy lately. Must be all those meatless years catching up to me.

Trying to get back to normal

I’m sorry for the infrequent posts lately. It’s been a trying couple of weeks.

So you know how I was sick? Well that was awful enough. But as soon as I started to feel better, Mike got sick. As soon as he felt better, the dog got sick!

Poor girl. I figured she’d just get better like we did, but she got worse. At one point she was throwing up blood. So of course we took her to the vet, and found out that she had an infection and needed antibiotics.

We hadn’t slept well at all last week since we had to keep getting up to let her out. When she started feeling better she maintained her routine of waking up at 3 a.m. and refusing to go back to sleep. Ugh.

So yesterday I started feeling crappy again. It’s just so frustrating because I am actually really busy with work (something I’ve wanted to be for a long time!), and I have to put it aside to rest. I guess your body tells you what it wants no matter what you would rather be doing.

Thankfully there have been some bright spots. Mike had a graphics class in the city and he brought us back morning buns from Tartine.

You know you have a good husband when he brings you this.

I also found these pretty vintage knitting needles on etsy. I just couldn’t resist those colors!

I made them into my new centerpiece. They make me smile every time I walk by.

So, I am attempting to take it easy and get back to normal, but I’m struggling. I am so excited for the new things I am working on for my shop, and I just want to get them done. I don’t want to lose any momentum.

We are going to have some visitors soon, so I also need to get ready to play tourguide.

Maybe I need another morning bun.

Day at the dog park

We took advantage of a sunny Christmas Eve and headed to the dog park at Point Isabel. It’s kind of like a dog park on steroids – it’s huge! It feels more like a nature preserve, with pelicans swooping down into the bay. But you can definitely tell it’s a dog park because it’s always just packed with dogs of all shapes and sizes.

This might be one of my favorite photos of all time.

By the time we get back to the car the dogs are coated in muddy water (my wellies are getting quite a bit of wear here). But they snooze for the rest of the night and seem a lot more content to hang out in our cozy house after a good run.

Now that’s a happy pup!

A loooong nap

This is the face of a dog that’s realllllly tired because she had quite the adventure last night.

Mike accidentally left the gate open when he was working on his car, so the dogs decided to mosey on out of the yard. We looked for them for hours, but couldn’t see or hear anything in the woods around our house. So we reluctantly went to bed, hoping that someone had found them and was waiting until morning to call.

We eventually did find them a couple miles away from our house, when a friendly stranger saw them running together and grabbed them. Thankfully they didn’t get into any trouble (that we know of), and are home safe in a deep sleep.

They are fine, but we’re a little traumatized!

Tiny crackers!

Did you know that saltines come in miniature?

I did not realize until I went searching for some at Dahls the other day. I was looking for a smaller box, since we never seem to be able to finish four packets of saltines before they go stale when I found these. They are so yummy!

I also wanted to show you a picture of the oversize cake we ate at Erin’s bachelorette party. The cake is so big they served it on a big serving platter, and 7 of us couldn’t finish 2 slices.

And finally, I had to share this photo of Sadie. This must be my dog.

Oh my

The other day after I finished pouring a new bag of dog food into the Rubbermaid container that we keep it in, I came back into the room to find this scene.

‘Cause you know the crumbs in the bottom of the bag just taste awesome.

Reggie says…

“I got your back.”

Thought this one of Sadie was cute, too.