Signs of spring

I got a nice surprise when I went outside today and saw these adorable flowers in the yard.

They sort of sprung up out of a pile of leaves and broken twigs that has been buried under a lot of snow all winter. I know we have bulbs planted throughout the yard but I haven’t seen any other blooms yet.

The dogs are happy. Every day they come up with a different toy that has been frozen all winter. And unfortunately for me and any neighbors who are home during the day, the squirrels are back to taunt Sadie.

And she is so ready.

Halfway out

Every time I walk into the dining room I see Sadie halfway out the dog door. It’s like she’s noncommittal about going outside, and she can see just fine from there, thankyouverymuch.

The fastest licker in the west

There’s a new dude in the house this week. His name’s Okie.

Don’t worry, he’s just visiting.

Normally he and Reggie are buds. Sadie is adjusting to not being the new kid anymore. She seems perplexed.

But thanks to his perky, floppy ears, Okie seems to be happy no matter what.

And all three of them seem to be getting along today. I think this picture says it all.

Back to bed

The dogs are not allowed to sleep with us anymore due to their bed-hogging problem. But every morning that I’m working at home, Sadie hops in bed after I get up and stays there until, well, whenever she feels like getting up. I think she just wants to have the warmest spot in the house.

Sleeping beauty

Caught Sadie sleeping on her Nylabone. How could that be comfortable?

I should also mention that she’s sleeping on the dogs’ early Christmas present. It’s a Molly Mutt dog duvet cover. They’re so cool. You buy the cover in one of many adorable patterns and stuff it full of old clothes, towels, blankets, or even an old dog bed. The duvets are very affordable, and they come in the mail with a button and a sweet handwritten note. Our doggies took to it right away.

Learning to share

As you can tell from just about any photo I take of my dogs, they’re obsessed with the orange couch. It’s their favorite place to relax, probably because they can monitor both the back door and the living room windows from this perch.

But they have a hard time sharing.

Lately they will only sit on the couch together if they can each have a side, divided by the ripple blanket.

It’s so funny, because Sadie will inch closer and closer to Reggie until there’s hardly any barrier and you can almost see them cuddling together. Almost.

Sadie says …

“I will sit on the new blanket, but only if you fluff it for me first.”

Where’s Wally?

The other day I caught Sadie sleeping with Wally between her paws.

I swear I did not put him there. Our dogs are just obsessed with a squeaky beaver.

A day in the life of Wally

After the dogs chewed up their stuffed squirrel (which lasted months, by the way), we decided to get them another one. Except they were all out of squirrels, so we had to get a beaver instead. Since we live just off Beaver Ave. in the Beaverdale neighborhood it seemed appropriate. We called him Wally.

The dogs loooove Wally. When we first got him he was immediately lost in the yard for a few days. Then Sadie came in one day with Wally hanging out of her mouth by the tail.

When he’s around, they wrestle and roll and fight over him.

And that’s a good thing. Because afterward we end up with dogs that can barely keep their eyes open.

Thanks, Wally. You rock.