Downward facing Kong

It’s so funny watching a dog try to get every last lick of peanut butter out of a rubber Kong toy.

When dogs eat ibuprofen…

It’s just not good.

I feel like I can tell this story now that I know it has a happy ending but it’s been a trying few days.

Saturday night while we were out the dogs got into a bottle of ibuprofen that we left on the coffee table. It’s one of those things that you do a million times – walk the pill bottle back to the bathroom – but the one time you forget it has tremendous consequences.

Our dogs get into things they’re not supposed to on pretty much a daily basis, so I don’t think we really knew to be worried in the beginning. Reggie got sick right away, which we thought was a good thing since she was getting it out of her system. We left for a few hours and when we came back our living room was just covered in dog vomit.

At that point we couldn’t tell if it was from one or both dogs, but Reggie continued to be sick and Sadie seemed fine. At 4:30 a.m. we ended up calling the vet about Reggie and she said to bring her in right away. They told us that the dog could go into kidney failure, so they had to keep her for a few days and give her IV fluids, to the tune of $850.

We went home exhausted and worried. But the next day the vet reported that Reggie (who she irritatingly kept referring to as “him”) was looking good and responding well. We felt like everything was going to be OK after all.

And that’s when Sadie started acting weird.

She just seemed too low-energy for a normally out-of-her-mind dog. And at night she started peeing in her sleep. Something just wasn’t right. So we called our regular vet the next morning and he said to bring her in. It turns out her kidneys had lost 75 percent of their function. I really like that vet, but the way he talked about it, it just scared the shit out of me. I felt guilty, and scared for them, and sad for them being sick, and worried with our current financial situation (i had literally nothing extra for an emergency). I just totally broke down after that phone call.

But after they gave her fluids Sadie started to perk up. Reggie got medicine for her tummy and both dogs got special food to eat. They both came home, and we think they are going to fully recover. I finally slept a full night last night (three glasses of wine might have helped).

All I can say is, $5 worth of over-the-counter medication can seriously harm your dog, even if it seems OK. So keep it hidden! ‘Cause those tops may be childproof, but they sure as hell aren’t dog proof.

In case you were thinking about getting a dog…

Know that you will come home to scenes like this more times than you would like to believe.

Even when you swear those peanuts were on a shelf 6 feet high.

And you will just be glad the trash was hidden so you don’t have to touch the entire half-chewed contents of it once again.

Sadie says …

“In my dreams I get all the squirrels.”

Sadie says …

“I’m not coming out until the loud booms go away.”

Last weekend when it stormed I kept finding her squished up in various corners of the house. She doesn’t get shaky and panicked like Reggie, just resigned to stay out of harms way until the storm passes.

Snowy Sunday

Spring, where have you gone?

Just yesterday I was home in Kansas looking at these sunny daffodils in the yard. Now I’m back to Iowa, where it’s been snowing all day. Boo.

I was going to use it as an excuse to wallow in sickness, as I returned feverish with a swollen throat. But a few pills later I feel better, and there’s always so much to do on a Sunday.

For me, errands and freelance work. For Sadie, monitoring the yard.

For Mike, working on his garden fence. For Reggie, well, she seems to have the day off.

Coonhound close-up

I like to take extreme close-ups of Sadie’s sniffer.

Her nose isn’t really that gigantic. But this girl was born to sniff. And bark.

Apparently coonhounds have a reputation for being lazy. She isn’t, until the sun goes down. Then there’s no moving her, no waking her once her eyelids start to close. We just hear the occasional doggie sigh.