Loving: Orla Kiely notebook

While in Boston we wandered into a store that I think was called Black Ink. I could have spent all day there browsing cute purses, letterpress cards, random gifts, etc. I’m all about the ephemera. So even though I’m plenty stocked on notebooks I took home this Orla Kiely sort of all-in-one book.

It has lined, graph and plain paper sheets with — of course — her little leaf pattern running down the left side of every page. It also comes with a stamped out bookmark.

As with everything in my office, it’s already got wax on it.

Loving: Polka dot pitcher

I believe this cute metal pitcher was in the wedding gifts section of Target — as if I could possibly give this away once I purchased it.

I tucked in a bunch of dried flowers I’ve had sitting in the corner of my craft room for months. Now I’m not sure where to put it, but perhaps in the future it will hold something more useful like spatulas.

Loving: polka dot shoes

I’d been wanting a pair of Converse for a while but couldn’t quite find the ones I had to have. I finally decided I probably didn’t need yet another pair of casual shoes when I spotted these on clearance at Target. My whole goal of shopping that day was to buy things with little orange stickers (within a list of sort-of needs). I cleaned house with a basketful of items. But I think these might be my favorite buy. $40 shoes for around $8. And so cute!

Running in a skirt?

The new issue of Runner’s World has a great article about running skirts. Well, I suppose they are more like exercise skirts or skorts (because they have shorts inside). I’ve noticed lately that these are more findable in stores, although I can’t say I’ve seen a lot of them going by on the street.

I think the idea of it inspires a sort of gasp response, but as I read, at least one of these companies was started by a woman who found them both comfortable and cute. Something you could exercise in and then go to Dahls for a gallon of milk without feeling totally disgusting.

As with anything, I think it’s about choice. Do you want to wear a skirt when you run (or play tennis, or whatever)? Then wear one. If you hate it, don’t.

I kind of wish they would have touched on the whole gawker aspect that women face when they run. It’s one of my biggest frustrations – I’m pushing up a hill, working my ass off, usually not too happy about it, and then someone honks or yells or whatever and it completely throws me off. NOT a compliment, dude. Would you like someone to do that to your sister? I can’t imagine a skirt improving that situation.

Anyway, i can’t seem to find the article online, but here is a link to the review of skirts. Anyone tried one?

Loving: Snow & Graham calendar

As I was flipping my office calendar to April I was just thinking, once again, how much I love my Snow & Graham 2008 calendar.

The patterns are so pretty I could almost eat them. I ordered it from Delight.com, which is basically a vacuum for my paychecks. I gave them lots of my money right before Christmas, but I don’t regret any of my purchases. I am pretty much their number one fan. But not in a creepy way.

The Crocs I don’t hate

I never thought I’d say these words. And I mean never. But I bought Crocs.

Before you go shaming me into hiding, I’ll explain. I bought the Crocs that look like ballet flats. They’re cute and pink, and I’ve made a rule for myself that I’ll only wear them at home. And I haven’t changed my original position that unless you are working in the garden or in a medical facility (or you are part of the under-5 set) you have no business wearing butt ugly clog Crocs!

I can say this with no reservations because I lived in Boulder, the birthplace of Crocs, and I saw them on every other pair of feet for far too long. My favorite shoe store had an entire back room dedicated to Croc-dom. Even the Iron Yogi wore Crocs. It was out of control.

So anyway, I bought this pair in part because they’re cute, in part because I wanted to see what all the fuss was about, and in part because I can get on board with the whole anti-microbial, super comfy part. So far they are kind of squishy and good for walking around the yard/cleaning the house.